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For those who want to ride on the beach –and in the ocean– Bradenton, Florida’s Beach Horse adventure program actually allows riders to swim horses in the warm waters of Palma Sola Bay.

BRADENTON, FLORIDA On Florida’s famous Gulf Coast, BeachHorse outfitters offers seashore rides that go above and beyond—the beach that is. This is a two-part experience: the first segment is a picturesque beach ride, and experienced cowgirls are allowed to canter or lope.  (Photography can be arranged  to catch all the action.) The second segment includes riding the horses 200-300 yards out into the protected waters of Palma Sola Bay, where guides chaperone a short swim on horseback.  Experiencing the sand drop away and the unique feeling of your horses legs swimming beneath you is absolutely exhilarating! The wrangler to rider ratio is one-to-one, so riders always have a personal helper nearby who knows the underwater topography and the depth.  You will get soaked, but the tropical climate of Bradenton (south of Tampa) makes a dip in the sea refreshing.  Rides are on a public beach, so guests must arrange for their own accommodations and travel.