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Every photoshoot is an adventure, and Maddie & Tae’s cover shoot for the March/April issue of COWGIRL was no different. The COWGIRL team met Maddie & Tae in a hip urban loft a block from Nashville’s famous Honky Tonk Highway for a day of fashion, fun, and friendship. Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye were as bubbly and energetic in front of the camera as they were in the makeup chair, but settled into serious shots perfectly. See the final photos from Maddie & Tae’s cover shoot and read their feature story in our March/April issue. Follow Maddie & Tae Maddie Marlow Instagram: @maddiemarlow Twitter: @MaddieMarlow Taylor Dye Instagram: @taylordye Twitter: @_taylordye Pre-save Maddie & Tae’s new album ‘The Way It Feels’.