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Alright y’all, it’s that super weird time of year where you need a sweater in the morning but yet, somehow, you’re sweating bullets like nobody’s business come 3 in the afternoon. What on earth are you supposed to wear for the odd time in between seasons? I’ll admit, there are some days where I still just throw on shorts, my KurtMen sandals, and turn on the little space heater at my desk in the office until I’ve chased the shivers away! But on the rare occasion that I get up early during the week to do a little planning, I go with something like this! I’m still wearing shorts! I went with a darker denim to help bring in the fall colors. Same thing with the tank, it’s just plain black. I love my bright spring colors just as much as the next person, but time to give them up for a little while! I like to add the “it factor” to my in between seasons wardrobe with a red aztec duster by Turquoise Haven. It is definitely a favorite, and gives a little bit of coverage and warmth for the cooler mornings, but doesn’t become overbearing in the afternoons. Three words: FELT. SEASON. Y’ALL. Time to switch out my straws! You wouldn’t think such a striking color would go with a lot, but it’s amazing what you can make this Goal Digger by Charlie 1 Horse match when you’ve got a mind to! Let’s not forget about footwear either. They’re still open-toe, but I opted for an ankle boot instead of a full-fledged sandal.
Photo courtesy of Amazing Grace Photos – Hannah Leigh
And the finishing touch? Why nothing other than a Pumpkin Spice Latte of course! Don’t miss the rest of that Charlie 1 Horse collection here, and happy fall, y’all!