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Tired of having the same boots as everyone else? Take a look at Rocketbuster Boots. They are entirely custom, hand-made, works of art. Literally, MASTERPIECES. Each boot is custom designed, going through weeks of planning, creative brainstorming, tweaking, and crafting to meet all your dreams and desires. Every detail is to your specification from toe style, to heel height and color, to the seam locations and additions like tassels and fringe. No dream is too big for Rocketbusters. They will cost you a pretty penny, but then again you are buying a hand-made work of wearable art that takes hundreds of hard hours to create to your exact specifications. Rocketbuster even offers to photo-diary the creative birth of your one-of-a-kind boots. They have a star-studded list of clients such as Julia Roberts, Arnold Schwartzeneger, Roy Rogers, and Sam Elliott (just to name a few). So quick, before your squeeze runs out to buy you a new diamond necklace or a ring tell him to get you a pair of Rocketbuster boots instead.  Or better yet, go get them for yourself (#independent). Or if he’s really sumpin’ special, have a pair made just for him! No matter who gets ’em they won’t be disappointed! Below are some of our favorite creations to date. To check out more unbelievable boots and to get your own pair started visit