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Cowgirl Hotlist

Red Horse Mountain Ranch

C Lazy U Ranch | Granby, Colo. Women in the Rockies, 4 nights, $2,152.  Julie Goodnight Horsemanship, 3 or 4 nights, $381 per night.  clazyu.com

Anyone looking for a resort-style wellness retreat with an adventure twist should check out C Lazy U Ranch’s “Women in the Rockies” events.  Women spend time with Duke University health coaches Janet Solie and Trudy Kissiah in a program focused on diet, exercise, overall health and stress relief, plus what the women call “mindful living strategies.”

In the off-time, participants can go horseback riding, fly fishing, or mountain biking, take a class from a tennis pro or yoga instructor, or swim in the indoor/outdoor pool.  And the spa services rival those of the finest resorts and hotels.  There’s no end of possibilities!

Besides the highly popular event (you’ll likely need to book a year in advance), C Lazy U offers horseback seminars by famed clinician Julie Goodnight.  These women’s events feature extensive arena work and rider training integrated with yoga instruction, which Julie believes complements horsemanship.

“C Lazy U has always been a premier luxury property for those that want an authentic western experience but also the comforts people come to expect when traveling in major cities,” said marketing director Brady Johnson.  You’ll be well cared for!

Red Horse Mountain Ranch | Harrison, Idaho Fall Ladies’ Week  $3,291. redhorsemountain.com

When tourist season winds down at Red Horse Mountain Ranch in northern Idaho, women take control.

“Ladies’ week is always the final week of September, the end of our season,” says wrangler turned office manager Andi Bordelon.  “It’s one of the most popular activities of the season.”

So popular, in fact, that the ranch expanded the offering to two back-to-back weeks for 2016. About 40 women take part in this all-inclusive adventure, which is especially popular among mother/daughter pairs as well as solo travelers.  While the package is little different than the regular season visits to Red Horse Mountain, they add special touches like a champagne dinner and massage therapy.

Guests can ride, hike or bike in 300,000 acres of the Bitterroot Wilderness.  According to Bordelon, you can ride everyday and never see the same trail twice.  There are also a rock climbing wall, archery range, shooting range, kayaking trips and fly fishing.  With a nearly one-to-one staff to guest ratio, you can count on personalized, attentive service.

“Ladies week is a breath of fresh air for everyone, including the staff.  It marks the end of the season.  It’s high energy, and everything caters to them,” says Bordelon.  “Everyone comes away having made new friends.”