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Are you crushing on crushed velvet yet? If not, then get ready, as there will be tons of it at the NFR this year. Vegas will be seeing velvet pants, dresses, tops, skirts, and even dusters. This isn’t a trend that’s going away anytime soon, so it’s time to embrace it. These bells are such a fun spin on pants. They are fancier than jeans, but more casual than wearing a dress or skirt…making these the perfect solution for when you need a semi formal look. Depending on what type of event you’re going to, you can do just about whatever you want when it comes to choosing your top. Have something flowy and dramatic you’d like to try? Go for it! Feeling a little more on the flirty side with a graphic tee? That’s perfectly okay too! Crushed velvet bells, or anything velvet really, can be such a versatile addition to your closet if you let it. Shop this look below. Silver Crushed Velvet Bell Bottoms – $64.99; Texas Tee – $39.99; Wrangler Snap Denim Shirt – $39.99; Old Gringo Cassidy Boots – $589.99; They’ve even started making boots with velvet accents now! Check this out from Double D Ranch by Old Gringo.