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Photo courtesy of For The West And Wild Photography……

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Cowgirl Hotlist

If you can ride a cutting horse and stick with it, you’re a pretty cool gal. If you can ride the same cutting horse in a dress, well by gosh you’re bad to the bone. BUT, if you can ride the hair off a cutting horse in your wedding dress, well by gosh those cowboys don’t have anything on you! Western Runway says, “Can we talk about how stunning this photo is of @livewirestyle CEO, Megan Holdren? It’s one thing to be a bad momma on the back of a cutting horse, but to do it flawlessly in a custom dress you designed and built?! THIS is the true meaning of western fashion!! Photo Credit: @forthewestandwild” Want more Livewire Style? Click below!
NFR Outfit Inspiration: Western Fashion With A Unique Twist