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Cowgirl Hotlist

Montana Silversmiths has become a household name in our world. Every cowboy knows that if he hits up that glass case at the western store, his lady won’t be disappointed. Ladies, if your man doesn’t know about Montana Silversmiths, then now’s the time to start droppin’ hints. The designers behind Montana Silversmiths do an amazing job at keeping up with the ever-changing fashion industry while still maintaining their classic look! The Western Lace Collection is simple and beautiful. The kind of jewelry that you can throw on with anything in your closet and it matches, plus it will doll you up real quick! Eddies and Lace Antiqued Silver Cuff Framed Elipse Window Jewelry Set Marquise Grace Necklace   Open Filigree Bangle Bracelet   Gate Necklace   Barbed Wire Bow Earrings   Whisper Classic Black Leather Band Watch