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Take a peek into the small community of reined cow horse trainers in the adventurous film, Down The Fence. Cowboy culture is still alive and thriving. You’ll witness this and more through the lives of five trainers in the industry. Their unique story will enlighten you to the daily struggles of being successful with horses. Doug Williamson, Brandon Buttars, Kelby Phillips, Jake Telford, and Erin Taormino each offer a different perspective on the reined cow horse discipline. One thing is for sure though, their love for horses! Join them as they compete in various competitions, including the National Championship, to prove they have what it takes. From seasoned professionals to newly head trainer, you’ll see it from all angles. Down The Fence provides a genuine look at the history of the sport. Created out of the practical need for a horse and human partnership, the reined cow horse industry holds the values of the past, while modernizing to meet new demands. You’ll hear first-hand accounts of the agricultural world and what it takes be to a ranching couple in this era. This film has authentic interviews, gorgeous scenic landscape, and tasteful music. It is now available on Netflix and is receiving excellent reviews. Check out the trailer: