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When the original driving mocs first came out, they were a HUGE hit. They’re some of the most comfortable shoes you can own, and now, some of the cutest! These are a far cry from the initial simple brown leather that hit the market years ago. We’ve seen all sorts of different patterns and such in past articles, but there’s even studs and fringe now! If you’re looking for a shoe that has all the style you could want without giving way to that rugged sole to keep you moving, look no further! These are the best of both worlds. Roper Women’s Tan Santa Fe Fringed Chukka Driving Moc – $64.99; Roper Women’s Black Santa Fe Fringed Chukka Driving Moc – $64.99; Ariat Women’s Fringe Harvest Cruiser Chuckka – $89.95; Ariat Women’s Fringe Embellished Cruiser Chukka – $89.95;