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Photos courtesy of Tiffany and Shaina at Fashion Posse……

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Cowgirl Hotlist

Photos courtesy of Tiffany and Shaina at Fashion Posse.
It’s no secret that the Fashion Posse, run by Tiffany and Shaina, is a leader in western fashion inspiration! Props to these girls for all the hard work they put into turning their passion into a business…and for killing it in those heels all day long at RFD-TV’s The American! Let’s take a look at some of my favorite outfits they found on Sunday! Slay girl, slay! This lovely lady is rocking the Rockies and killing the style game! Check out some more throwbacks here! This is such a classic look from Dana! So bold, Shayla! Not everyone could pull of such a bold statement look, but she ROCKED it! This cape is everything. And not only that, it’s olive green! Such a great color to wear! It seems to compliment every skin tone and hair/eye color combo. Way to take a classic look and make it edgy with the ripped jeans and velour!