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Vegas Vickie.

The iconic kicking cowgirl—also known as “Vegas Vickie”—has ridden off into the sunset for now.  Fremont Street’s neon cowgirl, whose mechanical boot kicked playfully over the downtown crowds for more than three decades, came down this past summer while the construction of a new casino began on the site of the former Las Vegas Club, which was the second-oldest casino in Las Vegas. 

A tweet from the Fremont Street Experience vowed a gallant return, “She’ll be back soon, restored. Location hasn’t been determined yet, but won’t be at the Neon Museum this time.” 

Originally dubbed Sassy Sally after the casino she sat atop, she was renamed Vegas Vickie after a 1994 publicity marriage to her cowboy counterpart, Vegas Vic, the cigarette-toking neon cowboy atop the Pioneer Club. 

Ad Art’s Jack Dubois and Charles Barnard created the vintage art deco kicking cowgirl in 1980 to top the late Bob Stupak’s Glitter Gulch casino.  The Fremont Street skyline just isn’t the same without its No. 1 Cowgirl, so we anxiously await her triumphant Las Vegas return.