Remember when you were little and you loved getting your face painted at the fair, or slapping a temporary tattoo on your wrist? You felt like a little badass (and you kind of were), but we were guilty of loving it too! That’s why we are super excited about the newest trend for us gypsy souls, the Flash Tattoo! Ladies everywhere are layering golden and silver tattoo bangles and other faux jewels all over their bodies and it is stunning! Now that we are preparing for warmer weather and flaunting a little more skin, we are adding Flash Tattoos to our list of must haves. The ink on these tattoos shimmers in the light and is unlike any other temporary tattoo on the market. Plus, they come in amazing patterns and shapes for every kind of gypsy!

The possibilities are endless with these glimmering tattoos, so show a little skin and get flashy with a few of our favorites!


Zahra, $22


Lena, $22


Child of Wild, $30


Dakota, $22