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Riding shouldn’t be about pain and control. It is your job to work together with your horse so that you both can excel and give your best performance. Bitless riding is a way to eliminate metal and synthetic bits. It closely goes hand in hand with natural horsemanship. They both focus on training without pain and fear. It is a great alternative for those looking to try a different method, outside of the norm.

Top Reasons to Ride Bitless:

  • Bitless bridles are usually kinder on the horse’s mouth and face
  • Some horses get tense and frightened when yanked around by a bit
  • Your horse may even perform better
  • Softer communication can mean a more relaxed horse
  • Less likely to develop issues like opening the mouth or head tossing
  • Beginners can learn without the risk of hurting the mouth
  • Nearly every horse can be ridden bitless with the exception of certain disciplines
  • Even advanced riders and horses can benefit
  • It’s an easy transition to eliminate the bit
  • Don’t have to worry about damaging the teeth or bars of the mouth
  • No need to get a “bigger” or “better” bit
  • Makes riders work through the problems, rather than covering them up
Bitless riding may not be for you and your horse, but it’s something you should at least consider. Your horse’s mouth is very sensitive. You may be causing problems and poor performance with a bit. Find out what works best for your horse by keeping an open mind and giving alternative methods a chance!