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No need to be plain when you can stand out! That’s just what these horse barns did! From green to yellow, these barns proved a little color can make a great impression. While traditional red works for many, others crave more rarity. This colorful selection will show you just how much fun you can have designing a barn.
PC: Carolyn Adams.
Without a doubt, one of the cutest barns I have seen. I love the different shades of yellow.
PC: Groffdale Barns.
Not ready to do your whole barn in a bright color? Paint it with some cool accents like this blue one.
PC: Pinterest.
What a gorgeous shade of green! The wood doors and white accents are a match made in heaven.
PC: Amy Crane Color.
An earthy brown is the perfect color for a horse facility. It’s more subtle, but still very unique.
PC: Spane.
How awesome is this orange barn? I haven’t seen too many this color. Designing a horse barn is too much fun. Between picking colors, size, and the layout, there’s a lot to plan. Don’t be afraid to stand out a little with a fun, outrageous color.