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Cowgirl Hotlist

Horse books help shape the lives of many cowgirls.
Whether you’re a rancher, rodeo competitor, or equestrian, there’s a good chance you grew up reading these 5 horse books. Which one was your favorite? Horse Crazy was the first book in The Saddle Club series, and likely started your horse addiction. Click here to buy. National Velvet is a masterpiece that all ages can enjoy. Click here to buy. Black Beauty is one of the best books of all time, right? It’s hard to beat a good classic! Click here to buy. Heartland wasn’t as lighthearted as a lot of horse novels, but it gained a huge following for its quirky and lovable characters. Click here to buy. My Friend Flicka is flawless. How could you not love it? Click here to buy. Searching for a great book to read? You need Fit & Focused in 52 in your life! https://cowgirlmagazine.com/fit-focused-riders/