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Photo by: Local Equine Assistance Network (L.E.A.N.) in Las Vegas.……

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There are some before and after pictures of horse transformations that make your jaw drop! Whether they were a starved rescue or a gangly youngster, with time and love any horse can become healthy and beautiful. It warms your heart when you see a horse looking and feeling their best. Their coat shines, their head is held high, and they have a certain energy about them.

Talk a look at some of these stunning horse transformations!

From an odd-shaped youngster to a handsome steed, this horse is growing up beautifully. I’m glad to see this horse is getting her happy ending! She has a home filled with love and attention now. Isn’t birth amazing?! It’s hard to imagine a big foal squeezed in a mare’s belly. Here’s another youngster’s transformation- from awkward to stunning! Can you believe what seven weeks can do? Proper nutrition can make a huge difference! Follow @horse.transformations for more amazing before and after pictures! There are a ton of abandoned and neglected horses in the world. Some of them just need a little love and attention to shine! Consider opening your barn and heart to one.