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There are many skills that kids can learn at the barn. The relationship between a child and horse is something magical. They have an almost calming effect on younger and older people alike. Between the fresh air and sunshine, there’s something good about the barn. If you grew up with horses, then you know exactly what I’m talking about!

How Horses Help Kids

  1. Kids can enjoy a stress-free environment. It can be peaceful, quiet, and relaxing.
  2. Get closer and more in touch to nature.
  3. The barn has many educational opportunity. Why do horses neigh? How do you measure a horse’s height? What do they eat?…
  4. Riding can boost cognitive development.
  5. Supports healthy exercise and movement.
  6. Riders learn how to work with the horse. They must interpret body language and various cues for success.
  7. Children learn to how work timely and efficiently.
  8. Horses offer companionship. They can become your best friend.
  9. The whole family can get involved and stay connected.
  10. Kids learn leadership skills.

The list goes on and on. Most people can agree that horses definitely teach you something.

If you decide to get your child involved with horses, then try a pony ride or lesson to see if it’s of interest to them.