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Cowgirl Hotlist

Love wine? Store it proudly on display with a horseshoe holder. All of these wine bottle holders can be purchased online or made by someone handy. If you feel like taking on a new DIY project, this could be it. Above, a single bottle wine holder also holds two glasses. It’s a perfect hostess gift for a new home or someone who isn’t an avid wine drinker but wants to keep a bottle on hand. Available for purchase from Wonderland Welding on Etsy >  If you have a lot of horseshoes and a lot of wine, try some corner storage like this. Photo found on Pinterest and original source is unknown. This beautiful table offers storage for wine below and is a great piece for a western home. Available for purchase at Lonestar Western Decor >  This horseshoe wine rack stays out of the way and in the wall. Photo source Steamboat Today >  Use some reclaimed wood and extra horseshoes to create this statement rack. Originally made by Roped On Cedar on Etsy > This one is sold but ask them about creating a custom piece similar or DIY your own! This rack is personalized with an initial and has diagonal stacked bottles. Photo found on Pinterest, original source unknown.