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Generations of cowboys and cowgirls have done it for years and years. Now it’s your turn! How exhilarating does it look to put your horse on cows? 

Numerous horses are considered “cowy,” where they have a natural want and ability to move cows. It is a special moment to see a horse tune into a cow. 

Even if your horse isn’t considered “cowy” they can still be put in cows as a way to desensitize them or build confidence. 

There are numerous different approaches to getting you and your horse started on cows. 

Go to a Clinic

A clinic can go anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days in length. It is a great way to learn how to correctly and accurately approach moving cows horseback. You will learn the correct basics and foundation, where you can build from there. It is also a safe way because you are under professional guidance. 

Find a Trainer

Another safe choice because you are working with a professional. A trainer will build you and your horse’s foundation on a more personal level than a clinic could. You can have more one-on-one time to grow your learning!

Join a Local Organization

There are numerous local sortings, cuttings, or ranch horse shows that will host “playdays” or other similar events. It is a great opportunity to go out and learn! There will be others there who will be willing to share their experience and expertise. 

Sign Up for a Cattle Drive

Numerous cattle ranches throughout the United States host yearly cattle drives or roundups, where they look for volunteers or clients. Some will have horses provided for you, others will allow you to bring your own horse. Just check to make sure they are beginner-friendly and you are set! It’s a great experience for any horse!

There are numerous benefits for both horses and riders when it comes to working cows! Happy riding!