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Cowgirl Hotlist

If you want your child to love horses like you do, then starting them off on the right foot is essential! It can be fun to share riding as a common interest with your little cowgirl or cowboy. Make sure to introduce them to these large animals in a safe and fun way. Here’s some ideas!

Pony Rides: Depending on their age, a pony ride might be the perfect way to get them in the saddle for the first time! A person on the ground will lead the pony or horse, while your child sits on top. They usually go slow and in small circles. It can be a lot of fun for a younger child.

Petting Zoos: If your child isn’t ready to hop in the saddle, then try a petting zoo. He or she can causally pet the animal in a non-intimidating way. Feeding the horse a carrot or apple with supervision can be a great experience.

Riding Lessons: Find a farm that’s geared toward children riding lessons. An instructor will show them the ropes from the ground up. They’ll learn to brush, saddle, ride, and untack a horse. Sometimes, these lessons will be in groups with other horse-crazy children. Your child may meet their next best friend!

Family Vacations: Traveling soon? A dude ranch vacation may be perfect for a horse-friendly family. It’s a great way for your child to get out and experience life on a working ranch. They’ll get to see and experience horses for days at a time!

The important thing to remember is to go slow and not push. You don’t want to rush them. With patience, you might have a future equestrian on your hands!

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