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Photo courtesy of La Casita Bonita.……

Time to grab your gal pals and head to South Carolina to La Casita Bonita! This tiny home is full of tons of color and cute, artistic vibes. With enough room to sleep 5 people, it’s the perfect little getaway with the gang. Like come on… skylights over the beds? What’s a better way to wake up in the morning?! I’ll wait.

“This sweet jungalow has two bedrooms, 5 skylights, a porch and swing to drink your coffee in the morning, Wifi and smart tv streaming, and many more little quirks and perks.”

“Big kitchen windows and five skylights make it so you barely need to turn the light switches on, except for when you’re cooking and dancing in the kitchen at night.

“Everything is hand-painted, so enjoy all the quirky marks and and crooked lines.

“A perfect place for your creative getaway to write the rest of your book, work from home, read all day, or just want to get away to a new city.”

Each little corner is like its own work of art! I never thought I would say I admired a bathroom, but here we are.

The porch is a perfect place to just sit out and take in the forest around you!

Did I mention skylights above the beds? It’s perfect!