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Photo courtesy of Teskey's Saddle Shop - Weatherford, Texas……

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Margaritas for days! Photo courtesy of Teskey’s Saddle Shop – Weatherford, Texas.
This Artland brand Mingle Margarita glass set from Teskey’s is absolutely adorable! Quench your summer thirst one of two ways with these gorgeous glasses…..frozen or on the rocks. I promise that it’s impossible to go wrong either way! Pitcher and set of 4 glasses – $64.99. Green Rim Margarita Glass. Blue Rim Margarita Glass. Red Rim Margarita Glass. Yellow Rim Margarita Glass. Need some coolers to add another drink to your summer splash? Check out this awesome matching cooler set for $34.99! Don’t forget to fill those glasses with this Sunny Orange Margarita!