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Cowgirl Hotlist

Are there any Miranda fans in the house? Just a fair warning, if you aren’t a fan you probably shouldn’t read this blog. We have loved Miranda for years, and not just because of her songwriting and vocal talents, but for her down-home, rock n roll, cowgirl style. Even when she dresses up she keeps it real. Ladies, take notes.
Photo by Brett Schauf.
Miranda is the queen of rock n roll country, and her style proves it.
Photo courtesy of YouTube.
It’s impossible to go wrong with denim.
Photo courtesy of INFphoto.com.
If you’re going to get dressy, this is the way to do it. Talk about fringe!
Photo courtesy of gypsygold.com.
Miranda wows with a simple look while riding.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
How could you not love her style?
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
Yes, Miranda. You win with this ensemble.
Photo courtesy of wbut.com.
I love how Miranda can go from fancy to laid back in minus two seconds.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
Even if you’re not a girly girl, you have to admit that this outfit is gold.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
Miranda knows how to rock a leather jacket.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
I love when stars show support for one another, which is what makes this Chris Stapleton look so great.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
Who else wants to be best friends with Carrie and Miranda? These outfits are perfect for a fancy night out on the town.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
Who all is loving Miranda’s Merle Haggard shirt?
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
Is anyone else getting Frozen vibes from this dress?
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
At the end of the day, even though she likes to dress up, Miranda likes to keep it casual more than anything. You go girl! Your style can’t be replicated.