Mom's wedding dress. This Bride Is Running Barrels In Her Mom's Wedding Dress bridal running barrels cowgirl magazine
Photos courtesy of Jo H Photography……

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“My mom got married in this dress in 1985, wrapped it up, and stored it for years. She made the move from Arizona to Texas with us. My mom never keeps anything so funny enough she kept this dress around in the attic. After I got engaged, we talked about how it would be fun to do something with this dress, of course it had to be with horses! The best part of these pictures is not only am I in her wedding dress, but I’m running her horse. One of my really good friends will be taking a piece of the dress and making a garter out of it for my wedding, so on the big day I will have a little piece of my mom with me.

Photos courtesy of Jo H Photography
“My parents have been married for 34 years come this September and what an honor it is that my mom let me wear her dress. If I can have half the marriage that my parents have, life will be pretty amazing.” -Alexia Cutaia
Photos courtesy of Jo H Photography
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