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Who doesn’t want more money in their bank account? Most horse owners would be happy to cut down on barn expenses and save a little. Dave Ramsey helps all types of people get out and stay out of debt. His famous financial system is even helpful for equestrians!

  1. Pay off your debt from smallest to largest.

This is known as the snowball method. If you’ve taken on some expenses like a large vet bill or a new saddle on credit, then put them in order from least to greatest in dollar amount. Make the minimum payments on each account, except the smallest. You should pay as much as you can on that one. After it’s paid off, move onto the next smallest.

2. Cut down on expenses.

Create a list of all your horse’s expenses, to include food, bedding, farrier, vet, etc… Look for areas that you can cut back on without affecting your horse’s well being. Can they spend more time outside, so you use less sawdust? Are you overfeeding them? Check with an equine nutritionist. Can you learn to give your horse their injections?

3. Reduce energy costs at the barn.

You can save money by lowering your utility bills. A simple change is switching to LED lightbulbs. They’re much more efficient and cost-effective. You should also check for leaky pipes, insulate better, and make sure lights always get turned off.

4. Look for discounts.

Ask your feed store, hay supplier, and sawmill if they offer bulk discounts. You can even find hay cheaper, if you’re willing to pick it up directly from the field.

5. Try some DIY projects.

There are so many simple and easy DIY projects you can try. From rope halters to slow feeders, you can build almost anything with a little talent. And if you only need the item once or twice, try borrowing from a neighbor first.

6. Sell unneeded and unused tack.

Don’t let your tack room fill up with things you don’t use, instead sell it and make extra money. Not only will this help you save, but you can stay organized too!

There’s a reason so many people turn to Dave Ramsey. His methods work! Give it time and you’ll be saving soon enough.