Horse trainer, movement coach, and steward of Run2Win Equine, Kat, shared with COWGIRL magazine the passion behind her latest fitness course, Winning Warm-UPs and why she believes that winning starts in the warm up pen:

“You are not going to find real fitness in a protein drink, pill bottle, or the perfect pair of stretchy pants… “You are going to find it in real faith, real food, and real function.”

At least that’s what my friend, a Doctor of Chiropractic, told me as I interviewed her for my new fitness course Winning Warm-UPS. We talked about everything from proper posture to positive thoughts and how all of these can affect our riding ability and our horse’s soundness. She helped me identify the answers to why human fitness is so important to how our horses function.

The Winning Warm Ups fitness course helps identify common postures that can weaken our riding and make our horse body-sore.
By developing a stable core, and stronger posture we will be able to help our horse balance be better as he maneuvers. 

I started becoming aware of the value of quality movement in my own physicality, as well as the worth of my horse’s soundness after a series of events led to a lack in both. I was in a position to evaluate what was crowding out my opportunity to pursue healthier habits and needed to be weeded out of my life. Once you realize you are missing some the the key ingredients to make something work is when you become the most hungry for it.

Even with the best fitting saddle our horse can still show signs of soft tissue damage from sloppy riding habits.

Amidst the process of eliminating what was not fortifying my foundation of real faith, food and function, I began noticing other riders struggling with the same journey. I observed some common themes at almost every horse competition: 

  • That a lack of physical fitness held riders back from their own potential of athletic function. 
  • That a void of consuming real food was leaving their brain and body starving for substantial fuel. 
  • And that a foggy outlook on faith clouded their perception of their right to be and move confidently.  
The better balance we have, the more we can ride with an independent seat and a refined feel through our hands.
In using resistance and isometric exercises it helps activate key muscle groups in our body – getting us out of our horses way!

Winning Warm-UPS was developed for riders who needed encouragement in the same areas I did. I teach it as an educational exercise course, offering affordable instruction for the human athlete looking to improve their fitness through quality movement. It is a simple approach to working-out with buildable challenges, choreographed into a memorable routine. Especially catered to equine athletes, it can be done anywhere (barn or horse trailer!), at anytime by accessing it online.

The treasure of your hard work is found when you’re able to ride clean and quietly through a challenging maneuver. 

Principally, it teaches soundness is a team effort since your horse is counting on you to keep them healthy too. Fundamentally, we practice healthy movement patterns with proper alignment and balance for function. This philosophy is supported by health professionals and shares their outlook on what athletes need to succeed. Exercising can be a journey of teaching you to move like you mean it, not be an obligation that you have to. The will to win starts in the warm-up pen. And by achieving excellence in the basics first, you’ll strengthen the elite athlete in you.”

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