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The Historic Fort Worth Stockyards has a sacred heritage that is second to none. It is one of the premier places to visit when in Texas. You better get ready, it’s expanding! Mule Alley is under way as we speak. It will bring a variety of new shopping, nightlife, Hotel Drover, restaurants, and so much more to a part of town that has already made its mark on Texas.

“Harnessing the unique western heritage of Fort Worth, the legendary Horse and Mule Barns of Mule Alley will re-emerge as a beautifully restored destination within the Stockyards Historic District. A carefully curated collection of restaurants, eateries, entertainment venues, shops, heritage brands, creative workplaces and a charmingly rustic 4-star hotel will reimagine what a thriving market street can be.

“Through this project, a public/private partnership with the City of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, Mule Alley will re-emerge as a sensitively restored destination within the Stockyards Historic District. The project’s first phase has just broken ground, launching the $175 million renovation and ground-up development. Stockyards Heritage Development Co. is a partnership between Hickman Companies and Majestic Realty Co.” -Stockyards Heritage Development Co.

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