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Rhonda Vincent. Photo courtesy of Music Row.……

Callista Clark’s new music video for “It’s Cause I Am”

“I couldn’t be more excited to release my first music video! This is the kind of thing I’ve always dreamed about. Being on set and watching it come to life was surreal.” Callista expressed. “’It’s ‘Cause I Am’ has completely changed my life. I’m absolutely amazed with the way everything came together and I can’t wait for y’all to see it!”

Rhonda Vincent’s new album “Music Is What I See”

“It is so exciting to finally have ‘Music Is What I See’ available,” shares Vincent.“ This project features my world-class band, The Rage on straight ahead, hard drivin’ bluegrass, country classics, to a special arrangement, and perhaps the first-ever bluegrass version (complete with banjo) of “Unchained Melody”. “Unchained Melody” was truly the most challenging song I’ve ever sung. I purposely created a balance of new songs with timeless classics. It’s my first record release since officially being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. Life is truly grand!”

Kaitlyn Kohler’s new music video for “Break Another Heart”

Kaitlyn Kohler’s new video showcases her character who’s set on revenge after word spreads that word her boyfriend’s been cheating.  Kaitlyn says, “Shooting the music video was an absolutely incredible experience. The cast and crew were so amazing. I’m a very anxious person, but I immediately felt comfortable with everyone right from the jump. It was so much fun to shoot, the storyline was so creative and I feel like it really brought out the idea of the song. The girls did a phenomenal job, and so did Derek (“The Cheater”), who was also such a good sport letting Bailey smash a pie in his face lol!”

Devon Beck’s new single “Mirrors”

Of the inspiration behind her new song, Devon Beck says, “Throughout my life I’ve learned that not everyone is who they say they are, and no matter which road I take, there will always be people like that. This song is about watching out for people who don’t have my best interest at heart.” 

Bailey James’s new single “Finally Free”

Bailey James told COWGIRL, “This song means so much to me, it represents who I am as an artist. I embrace life, music, and my relationships with an open mind.  This single just poured out of me and I hope I inspire everyone to break free from the chains that bind them and live their life to the fullest.”