Cowgirl - denim & supply*Sigh.* How yummy is everything Denim & Supply makes? If you haven’t heard of Denim & Supply before, you’re probably note alone! It’s not really a straight up cowgirl kind of line, but every piece they make has western influence behind it that comes from the beautiful mind of Ralph Lauren.

Some of my favorite jackets & tees I own come from Denim &  Supply and this season they did not disappoint with their new designs. These are the kind of coats you just want to hibernate by the fire in, with a hot cup of coco… but then you look so damn cute you hate to waste it at home so you go out on the town for margaritas. See how I can turn just about any story into a reason to go drink margaritas? It’s a special skill I have and it’s dangerous. Any who, go check out their new stuff! If you’re into rich burgundies, buffalo plaid or cozy cardi’s, then you might need to hide your wallet.

Word of advice, just freeze your credit card. By the time you melt it out with a hair dryer there is a 50/50 chance you’ll have come to your senses! Ah, who am I kidding? Life is too short so just buy the cute dress already! 😉