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Photo and text courtesy of @pwboardinghouse Instagram……

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Photo courtesy of The Pioneer Woman Facebook.
“Hi, friends! It’s Ree, also known as The Pioneer Woman! Ladd and I are gearing up to open The Boarding House, our eight-room “Cowboy Luxury” hotel just down the block from The Merc. We will be announcing the opening date (and opening up reservations) very soon, so visit to sign up for updates! Can’t wait to welcome you to our hometown.
Photo and text courtesy of @pwboardinghouse Instagram.
“Home stretch! We’re down to pillows, rugs, art, and a few little details here and there. (The Butterfly Room is a favorite!)
Photo and text courtesy of @pwboardinghouse Instagram.
“Two of Ree’s favorite fixtures are in two of Ree’s favorite rooms! Pic #1 is in The Butterfly Room, Pic #2 is in The Emerald Room. Curly, sparkly, pretty! We can’t wait for you to come stay.
Photo and text courtesy of @pwboardinghouse Instagram.
“Barn-style bathroom door (in The Tack Room.) We’re right on track! (Get it? Ha.)” -Ree Drummond via @pwboardinghouse Instagram Want to check out Ree’s bedding? See it here!