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Does anyone remember the sneak peek y’all got to see of these custom boots back in April? Drumroll, please! They are finished! Rios of Mercedes, Anderson Bean, and Olathe all put on trunk shows at select western retail locations each year. You get to pick everything from your chosen leathers, all the way down to the stitch colors and patterns. Trunk shows are where you can let your imagination run wild, create whatever you want, and leave knowing that no one else out there will have a boot quite like yours. These Rios of Mercedes boots feature Wine Jungle Fever Prime for the main leather, a shaved black stingray wingtip, a black kidskin collar with matching French pulls, and black braided side seams. These boots just scratch the very surface of what Rios, Anderson Bean, and Olathe are capable of. You simply can not beat the fit and quality of these boots. Contact them to find a trunk show near you, and get ready to create the boots of your dreams. If you can’t get enough of these boots, you’ll love these ones!