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We were all sad when everyone’s favorite antique show got cancelled but as Texas opens up again, so are several antiques and vintage venues and dealers June 4-6 for a weekend of shopping in the Round Top area. It’s a Round Top Summer Pop Up. You can find all of your antique, jewelry, and clothing needs right in the small town of Round Top, Texas! These venues and dealers, open for the weekend only, join the 30-plus year-round area businesses that offer antiques and vintage on a full-time basis. Here are a few things you must do/see while in Round Top! You have to stay at Lone Star Glamp Inn. It is the PERFECT place to get your glamp on with your girlfriends! They have the cutest “glampers” & teepees for you to stay in and it is not far from all the shops! Junk Gypsy is definitely a MUST while in Round Top. You will find the most gorgeous things to add to your western aesthetic. At the end of the long day of shopping you have to get a pie from the one and only Royers Round Top Cafe! It will be the best pie your have ever had in your life! There are also so many more places to visit. Such as: The Farm Lot The Porch Round Top Dirty Bohemian Richard Schmidt Jewelry Design Blue Hills at Round Top Plan your trip today!