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Cowgirl Hotlist

Bold color and stark contrasts offset a palette of natural stones, beads, pearls, and handcrafted silver from New Mexico’s powerful purveyors of statement adornments.

Hat, O’Farrell Hat Company, contact for pricing, ofarrellhatco.com; shirt, Roja Collection, $112, rojacollection.biz; multi-stone beaded necklace (worn as hat adornment), $3,360, Royston turquoise earrings, $1,200, Royston turquoise necklace, cuff, and ring set (on model’s left arm) $6,000, large Royston turquoise cuff, $4,980, Turquoise cluster ring, $3,600, all Samsville Gallery, samsvillegallery.com.

Blouse, Ryan Michael, $180, ryanmichael.com; Navajo pearl and Royston turquoise necklace with pendant, $5,005, Navajo pearl and Royston turquoise 4 strand necklace, $3,780, Navajo pearl 3 strand necklace, $2,280, Royston turquoise cuff (l), $1,653, Kingman turquoise cuff (r), $2,499, Carico Lake ring, $2,640, all Samsville Gallery, samsvillegallery.com; leggings, Gossamer Wings, $550, gossamerwingssantafe.com; boots, Liberty Black, $390, liberty-black.com.

Jacket, Double D Ranchwear, $950, ddranchwear.com; earrings, $225, necklace, $550, ring (l), $395, ring (r), $495, bracelet, $200, all Peyote Bird Designs, peyotebird.com.

Shawl, Tasha Polizzi, $310, tashapolizzi.com; shirt, Patricia Wolf, $84, patriciawolf.com; earrings, $330, necklace with pendant, $1,050, turquoise strands necklace, $2,800, shield ring, $84, turquoise ring, $375, silver cuff, $495, Navajo pearl bracelets, $126-200, leather bracelet, $165, multi-color beaded bracelet, $245, concho belt, price upon request, all Peyote Bird Designs, peyotebird.com.

Top, Union of Angels, $98, pintoranch.com; skirt, Tasha Polizzi, $220, tashapolizzi.com; earrings, $827, Navajo pearl necklace, $950, onyx pendant, $1,002, onyx drops necklace, $4,500, Navajo pearls with onyx strands necklace, $3,690, onyx cuff, $1,655, onyx ring, $200, all Samsville Gallery, samsvillegallery.com; black onyx and crystal concho belt, Rocki Gorman, $3,600, rockigorman.com.

Vest, $4,100, leggings $550, both Gossamer Wings, gossamerwingssantafe.com; shirt, Magic, $45, rockigorman.com; belt, $110, rockigorman.com; earrings, $125, pearl and turquoise rope necklace, $400, Trading post naja pendant, $475, cuff, $450, Kingman turquoise ring, $225, all Rocki Gorman, rockigorman.com.

Blazer, Free People, $350, freepeople.com; lapis earrings, $440, short beaded necklace (also worn as bracelet), $295, lapis pendant, $880, medium length beaded necklace, $595, long beaded necklace, $695, all Rocki Gorman, rockigorman.com.

Photographed by Ken Amorosano.

Styled by Rhiannon Deremo; Hair & makeup by Julie Koeth.

(This shoot took place at Inn and Spa at Loretto and La Fonda, Santa Fe).