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Let’s be honest. We’re all obsessed with NFR fashion. The first step is admitting it, and we’re admitting that we’re in love with Shea Durfey’s NFR looks so far.

We also noticed a pattern: she and her daughters usually match! And—even better—they’ve been matching in custom garb to show love for #48, Tyson Durfey.

For the Back Number Ceremony, Shea stunned in a maroon, sparkly dress (and dressed Praise and Risyn in some maroon velvet to complete the family look).

Shea brought some black-and-silver attitude for night 1 of NFR, and had her girls in some Durfey shirts!

Even while shopping at Cowboy Christmas, the Durfey’s looks were on point. Check out the animal print numbers!

Here, Shea and her little ladies rock photos of daddy Tyson for some trade show shopping.

Okay, how cute is this? Red and white and Durfey all over! Nothing like a family supporting their favorite cowboy.

What?! More custom #TeamDurfey looks?! Heck yes! The Durfey’s matched in black and python, still rocking number 48, for Round 3.

Round 4 brought out custom gold 48 apparel, which Shea paired with some gold, zebra-striped pants. Praise and Risyn stepped out in white-and-gold NFR looks.

We can’t wait to see what Shea and her family wear next!

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