Cowgirl - Coolest Shopping Destinations in TexasRound Top & Warrenton, TX – If you are a junker at heart, then it would be a sin to miss Texas Antiques Week at Round Top & Warrenton, TX. It only comes around twice a year and it is a junk fair of epic proportions. Spanning over 10-12 miles and maybe even more of tents full of everything from fancy antiques, to broken pieces of furniture that long to be repurposed and a few cute boutiques in between.

While you’re there, you’ve got to stop in to see Round Top’s local celebs, the Junk Gypsy’s! I’ve been to Antiques Week several times now and I would say stop in at Round Top to see the cute shops and the few tents set up there, but save at least one whole day for Warrenton, alone. Bring a wagon for your junk treasures, wear comfy shoes and have a ball! Oh and try and make it to the Junk’O’Rama Prom. It’s so much fun!

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