Soft Basic Tees Made for Layering

Cowgirl - basic teesI know t-shirts aren’t the most exciting thing to think about when you’re out shopping, but there are a few of us out there that are obsessed with the texture of their tees. It’s a little like Goldie Locks & The Three Bears. It’s got to be soft, but not too soft. Flowy, but only in certain places. Thin, but not so thin it’s see-through; and that’s just the short list.

Now that I’m 26, I’m into being and dressing like a big kid (only sometimes though). What does that mean? Well, to me it means spending my dollars on a few pieces that actually match more than one thing. Yea, that’s right. I’ve spent the last 26 years buying outfits that would literally only match the things that I bought that day and would make ONE outfit. Sure, I mismatched things and made a few other outfits out of poorness and desperation, but how stupid is that? Now I see that $20 can go a long way if I spend it on one or two basic pieces, like these tees for example. I can wear one tee with 10 different outfits. From skirts and blazers to jeans and comfy cardigans and no matter what, it’s going to look adorable!

These, in particular, are my favorites when it comes to softness, thickness and comfort. I’m a little busty, and all these tees are super flattering, but I also know they look great on a more petite figures, too, because every single one of my friends happen to be tiny. Which on a completely unrelated topic, I’m off to go make my friends some hamburgers and cookies. 😉

Z Supply Camo Pocket Tee