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Photo Courtesy of Martin Saddlery……

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Cynthia Burke is a COWGIRL Brand Manager from Edgewood, New Mexico.  An avid trail rider (and former mounted shooter), Cynthia and a group of other mature women riders trek out at least once a month to explore the glorious wilds of New Mexico on horseback.  Travelling to places like Valle Vidal, Pecos River, and Chama, Cynthia will tell you straight up:  “I ride for comfort.”  Aside from performance saddles designed to shave off seconds or those built for maneuvering efficiently through arena courses, trail riders have an eye, or should we say a seat,  for comfort.  If you’ve ever spent four or more hours in the saddle, you understand how important comfort is for a long day on the trail.  COWGIRL, with the help of our very own Cynthia Burke, put together a selection of saddles in a varying price ranges that should keep you—and your horse—comfortable, secure, and safe, so you can explore places that no vehicles or average hikers will ever have the privilege to see!