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Shondina Lee of She and Turquoise.……

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Shondina Lee of She and Turquoise.
Shondina Lee is the creative stylist behind the blog She and Turquoise. She hails from a small town in Arizona’s Navajo Nation–a place that inspires her style and creates a stunning backdrop for her drool-worthy Instagram feed.
Shondina Lee of She and Turquoise
Through fashion she combines her Native American heritage with modern trends. About her style and heritage she says, “I am Navajo so a lot of the things that people see me wear and what’s trending now in the Western world such as turquoise or moccasins was something that was once apart of my ancestor’s way of life.”
Shondina Lee of She and Turquoise
Her modern western influence comes from her family’s past in cattle ranching and rodeo. Today, Shondina works with some big-name companies such as Pendleton Woolen Mills and Wrangler. Her well styled looks in combination with her stunning photography makes her sought after to endorse western brands on her popular Instagram page @shondinalee. Shondina hopes to inspire the youth in her indigenous culture. She explains, “In today’s world, my people on the reservation don’t wear their turquoise, moccasins or even get dressed up anymore. I think most of the time it’s only for events or special occasions. So I hope to inspire the Navajo youth out there to embrace who they are.”
Shondina Lee of She and Turquoise
You can check out Shondina’s blog at and her Instagram at