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Breeders often envision the perfect horse, but have trouble locating desirable qualities in just one breed alone. Crossbreeds can be the perfect example of selecting two different breeds for each of their unique traits. The winning combination is a foal that represents the best of both worlds.
  1. Morab – The cross-breeding of an Arabian and Morgan produce the Morab. Recognized as a breed, the beauty and endurance of the Arabian is combined with the work-ethic of the Morgan. They are successful in a range of disciplines. Check out: International Morab Breeders Association for more information on these versatile horse.
  2. Appendix Quarter Horse – The first generation cross of a Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse. They come in a wide range of colors, anything from buckskin and blue roan to chestnut and black. The offspring of the two horses must meet certain criteria before being entered in the AQHA studbook.
  3. National Show Horse – The American Saddlebred and Arabian produce the National Show Horse. This combo is now an established breed through the National Show Horse Registry. There must be at least 50% Arabian blood for successful registry. These horses dominate in the saddle seat industry.
  4. Friesian Sporthorse – Sometimes classified as a breed or type, the combination is the cross of a Friesian with a sport horse, such as a warmblood or Thoroughbred. Light feathering on the legs is common, as well as a thick mane and tail. The cross should maintain at least 25% Friesian blood.
  5. Quarab – Another popular Arabian cross, the Quarab also have Quarter Horse or Paint blood. The even blend of stock horse and Arabian allow the crossbreed to excel in reining and roping, as well as English disciplines like dressage.
Some crossbreeds have been around for quite a long time. They have made a big enough impression that associations and registries have been created just for these horses. While this is just a short list, breeders are always looking for the best combination of horses and sometimes that means mixing the breeds.
2nd Photo: appaloosa at Flickr, 3rd Photo: Jean at Flickr