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BBBGEM Oval Cut Turquoise Engagement Ring Set, $750.……

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Diamonds have been the traditional engagement ring stone for forever, but who says turquoise can’t make its debut on the left ring finger? Believe it or not, a cowgirl can find a turquoise engagement ring if she just knows where to look (for reasonable prices, too!). Basically, call your significant other ASAP… They need to know about these turquoise engagement rings:
Stagehead Designs Terra in Pear Shape, 14k Gold and Turquoise With Diamond Halo, $1,045.
Capucinne Bohemian Ring, Yellow Gold Turquoise Diamond Ring, $860.
BBBGEM Opal Engagement Ring, Vintage Bridal Set, 3pcs, Moonstone And Turquoise Band, $1,069.
Capucinne Birthstone Engagement Ring, Turquoise, $680.
Staghead Designs Art Deco Style Moissanite Engagement Ring in 14k Gold, $3,745.
Staghead Designs “KB” – Oval Turquoise Engagement Ring With Diamond Accents, $2,245.
Capucinne Turquoise Diamond Engagement Ring, 18k Gold, $1,000.
Whether you’re looking for a ring for less than $1,000 or something a little more expensive, there is a turquoise ring out there for you! A cowgirl should be able to wear her favorite stone on the best day of her life (and forever). Find more turquoise engagement rings you’ll want literally right now here.