gender reveal chute out Watusi cowgirl magazine
Photos courtesy of Kelley Mae Photography……

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Kelley May Photography captured some pretty special moments with this gender reveal! The family’s Watusi, Doozie, even got to lend a helping hand!
Photos courtesy of Kelley Mae Photography
Kelley Mae said, “When Casey Moody asked me to photograph their gender reveal she knew she wanted it ranchy but didn’t know exactly what she wanted. So I racked my brain and this is what I came up with… I’m soooooo in love with these! It’s a girl! I couldn’t have done this without my husband; he was behind Doozie holding the smoke bomb. He is the best! Thankful for an amazing Watusi as well for putting up with all my shenanigans!”
Photos courtesy of Kelley Mae Photography
Do you love the ranchy and western gender reveals? This one got a little broncy! Photos courtesy of Kelley Mae Photography. The Watusi cow was not harmed or hurt in the making of these photos.