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Are you ready to take you horseman-fit to the next level? You can take your training outside the arena and into the gym through a quick follow on social media! Accounts like Barrel Racer Fit offer up some great workouts to level up and increase your horseback.

If you feel a little lost when it comes to working out, fitness enthusiasts like Sarah Van Vuren get it. Her videos and posts will walk you through a workout and explain why each movement will increase your game!

Nonetheless, following accounts like these will give you motivation to think outside the box (rather, the arena) and get moving!

It might even be fun to be apart of an online fitness community full of women in the western industry! There is no doubt that being a part of community can make you feel accountable for reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself and barrel racing. Sarah from Barrel Racer Fit has a team of hustling women who’ve hopped on the fitness bandwagon.

“When I started Barrel Racer Fit, I just wanted to help women reach their goals by helping them become the best version of themselves in and out of the saddle.”

Quote by Sarah Van Vuren, @barrelracerfit on Instagram

She shows you that you can get your workout in anywhere, anytime, and using anything! Who would’ve thought to trade a dumbbell in for a grain bag?

Need more workout inspo? Listen to Sarah’s featured on the That Western Life’s Podcast and We Can Hustle’s podcast.

We Can Hustle community connects a tribe of women under the shared passion for the Western lifestyle.

Their media account will help to bond you with others and provide more resources on how to connect the mind and body for your riding performance.

They also have a great podcast! You can learn more about taking your physical and mental athleticism to the arena!

Use the media to your advantage! Follow accounts that inspire you, connect you, and offer up new ideas. Taking your horsemanship to the next level through fitness is a great one!