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Cowgirl Hotlist

With statement earrings like these, you won’t need to wear anything else. Except for clothes, because we don’t condone nakedness around here! 😉 Wild Honey Pie Design creates jewelry that’s just as cute as their name would imply. Their long, beaded duster earrings are a favorite of mine. The vivid color combinations they use balance out the simplicity of the design for a finished product that will make you *POP* in a crowd.

Of course you should wear them as you see fit, but my favorite way to rock these, is to throw on a simple black dress and some badass ankle boots and let my earrings and shoes do all the talking. It’s a classy look that is easy and always seems to make people talk! And as one the smartest people I know, Bonnie Raitt, says, “Let’s give ’em something to talk about!

You can shop each design by clicking the link next to each photo. Shop away!

Fringe  Seed Bead Earrings