If you haven’t noticed southwestern prints are in style, then you, my friend, may have been living in a hole. Which is fine, because it’s cold ya’ll! Plus, we hibernate every now and then ourselves. Fight the urge to hide away in sweatpants and Ugg boots for the remainder of winter and get yourself into these printed fabrics! These days, southwestern prints can be found on everything from hairpins to boots, and we are digging it! Be careful though. Try to only wear one bold southwestern print at a time. Otherwise, it can start to look overwhelming. Fight those cold weather blues and look darling and cozy with these printed winter essentials!


Roja Mayan Temple Snowflake Long Coat, available at Cowgirl Kim, $399.



Ariat Caldera Boots, available at Pendleton.com $208.99.



Zorah Printed Tights, available at FreePeople.com, $38.



Pendleton Spider Rock Throw, available at Pendleton.com, $189.



Stance Indian Burn Black Socks, available at Stance.com, $12.



Theodora & Callum Taos Fringe Scarf, available at Maverick Fine Western Wear, $175.


Jacquard-Knit Serape Cardigan, available at Ralph Lauren, $118.14